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HB 1473 is outdated, costly, inefficient and counterproductive

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Facts About The Beverage Container Deposit Programs, HB 1473: FACT: Redemption centers are very expensive to establish and operate and result in higher costs of products to the producers, passed to the consumer by product price increases. FACT: HB 1473 would add a 5 cent fee on 24 oz. or less beverage containers and a 10 cent fee on containers more than 24 oz. – essentially, a container tax. FACT: Beverage containers of all types represent an average of 7 percent of all littered items. The...

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Soda Taxes lose, even in blue states

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The following article appeared in the Orange County Register March 12, 2013, authored by Bob Achermann, Executive Director of the California/Nevada Soft Drink Association. Soda taxes lose, even in blue states Obesity is considered a more serious health issue than smoking and tobacco use. It’s consiered more serious than heart disease, HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse or mental illness. The only health issue considered more serious than obesity is cancer, according to a recent nationwide...

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