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From our industry perspective, recycling is an economic and environmental imperative. We believe our members are leaders in packaging, design and recycling program support and implementation. Our members are working with various partners in many different states to ensure recycling programs are effective and efficient. The beverage industry membership (non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages) products produce approximately 1.6 percent of all solid waste produced in the country today. While that...

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The soda industry has long been the target of the anti-obesity campaign. Our industry and its members have continued to take steps to educate our consumers on healthy choices. We are always seeking new ways to meet the changing needs of our customers. While we’re working to improve, it’s important that we continue to communicate accurate information on obesity. Below are important facts that have often gotten missed in media coverage on the obesity debate: Calories from soda and other...

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Healthy Choices in Texas Schools: Legislation Enjoys TBA Support

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Once again, Texas has shown itself to be a model for the nation when it comes to collaborative solutions to promote children’s health while respecting families and consumer choice. This week, the Texas Legislature adopted HB 217, which aligns with TBA’s commitment to healthy choices for young people and supports the industry’s efforts to deliver healthy choices in Texas schools. The Texas Beverage Association supports the final version of HB 217 and appreciates the opportunity to work...

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Austin Business Journal: TxDot messes with ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’

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A story in the Austin Business Journal yesterday reported on the makeover to the 25-year old anti-litter campaign ‘Don’t Mess with Texas.’ We eagerly await the unveiling of the updated campaign and pledge our support to this and all anti-litter efforts across our state. TxDOT messes with ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’     They’re messing with “Don’t Mess With Texas” – sort of. Twenty-seven years after the iconic anti-littering campaign kicked...

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WSJ: The Skinny on Anti-Obesity Soda Laws

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The Skinny on Anti-Obesity Soda Laws Imposing per-ounce levies or limiting serving sizes is a futile pursuit. By MICHAEL L. MARLOW New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-obesity campaign to ban the sale of certain sugary drinks in large servings, especially sodas, was struck down last month in state court. A proposal for a penny-per-ounce excise tax on sweetened beverages also floundered in Vermont’s House of Representatives in February. Yet Mayor Bloomberg has vowed to fight on,...

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HB 1473 is outdated, costly, inefficient and counterproductive

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Facts About The Beverage Container Deposit Programs, HB 1473: FACT: Redemption centers are very expensive to establish and operate and result in higher costs of products to the producers, passed to the consumer by product price increases. FACT: HB 1473 would add a 5 cent fee on 24 oz. or less beverage containers and a 10 cent fee on containers more than 24 oz. – essentially, a container tax. FACT: Beverage containers of all types represent an average of 7 percent of all littered items. The...

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