TBA supports environmental stewardship in the Lone Star State.  Our member companies’ products are 100 percent recyclable.  Even so, these companies are constantly innovating their packaging and manufacturing practices to further reduce their environmental footprint.  When recycled, PET (plastic) bottles can be transformed into consumer goods such as carpet, fabric for clothing, and even new PET bottles.  In fact, in the recent Summer Olympics, U.S. Track and Field Athletes competed in Nike jerseys made from recycled PET.

More Facts About our member companies and their commitment to the environment:

  • Our member companies use a process called lightweighting, which reduces the weight of aluminum and plastic needed to produce containers.  This process saves energy and raw materials in production and distribution.
  • Nonalcoholic, non-dairy beverage containers make up only 1.6% of municipal solid waste.
  • Our member companies support a wide range of programs reinforcing the importance of recycling, reducing water use, and improving our energy efficiency and sustainability.

We support comprehensive recycling programs, such as curbside recycling, which make recycling of all recyclables easier on consumers, provide efficient means of collecting materials for recovery, and spur job creation through the reuse and remanufacture of recycled materials.

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