From our industry perspective, recycling is an economic and environmental imperative. We believe our members are leaders in packaging, design and recycling program support and implementation. Our members are working with various partners in many different states to ensure recycling programs are effective and efficient.

The beverage industry membership (non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages) products produce approximately 1.6 percent of all solid waste produced in the country today. While that amount is small compared to other forms of waste we believe we are all responsible for the health of our environment. Nearly 90 percent of the beverage industry’s consumer packages are aluminum or PET – the two most valuable commodities in recycling today. The continued use of these materials is a nod to our support of the recycling efforts nationwide.

We will continue to study and assist in the implementation practices that aim to make an impact on the problem. We will continue working with elected officials, environmental organizations and citizens and reaffirm our commitment to recycling.